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A simple and trustworthy solution to handle your preventative home maintenance and small repairs.

We're here for you!™

A little about Reliable Home

Both Member and Non-member services are available.

Every Home Requires Regular Maintenance

Protect Your Investment

If you own a home and lack the time, skills, or desire

If you're a landlord who wishes to minimize disruption by consistent prevention

If you own a vacation or seasonal home, let us manage the maintenance and repairs year round for you.


What Can Reliable Home Do For You?

Both Member and Non-member services are available.

Types of services included with every membership!

Our 33 point appliance and home system 
preventative maintenance service
Window cleaning
Gutter cleaning
Small repairs, home projects, and handyman services

Preventative maintenance memberships starting at only $69.95/mo.

Consistent, preventative maintenance is the key to a safe, efficient and healthy home.

 We are more than just a 'one-off' handyman. We build long lasting relationships by providing the ongoing maintenance your home needs.
Call us today,
We're here for you!™ 

Our business was showcased on the Marc and Mandy Show!

"Reliable Home is as much about the people we serve as the homes we service." 

Curtis C. Oviatt - CEO/Founder
All locations are locally owned and operated by some truly great humans.

Three steps to simplified home maintenance and repair.


Verify service area

Verify Reliable Home is in your community.  


We're always looking for more communities to serve. Click here to see if we're in your neighbourhood!

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Contact us

Contact your local operator by phone or simply fill out the contact page and someone will contact you. 

Reach out to us, we love to hear from you and would be happy to welcome you to the membership or simply help with the small project in your home.

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Meet the team

We'll take it from here. We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your new membership  benefits and get you signed up to start your preventative maintenance service routine. Its really that easy!

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Contact us!


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