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A little about Reliable Home

Our business was showcased on the Marc and Mandy Show!

 We do things differently!

We're here for you!™

Always locally owned,
Insured, and Bonded


Locally owned
Handyman, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, small home repairs

"Reliable Home is as much about the people we serve as the properties we service." 

Curtis C. Oviatt  CEO/Founder
Five wooden stars located in the form of

I was recommended Reliable Home by a friend who happened to see them fixing the neighbour’s fence, and also mending the connecting part to her fence and she went to find out a bit more information.
It turns out when they were fixing the neighbour’s fence, it was affecting some of the other fence, so they corrected it all! Now that’s what I call reliable, trustworthy workmanship!
I can’t say enough good things about Curtis, the owner, and everyone I’ve run into so far.
Having them come and do regular checkups on important things inside and outside of my house, has 100% erased the worry about making sure I’m not missing something important, in my house maintenance!
Best decision I ever made to join their regular maintenance programme!
If I could give them 10 ⭐️, I would!!


On time, reliable, and fair pricing!


"Reliable provides a unique service. They are professional, committed and have all the resources needed to maintain my home and provide repairs and services when needed. They remove any worry I might have about taking care of my home."


"I’ve entrusted my property to Reliable home for several years and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They are problem solvers when it comes to taking care of my home and have removed a lot of stress from my life. Would recommend to anyone looking to take care of their home and make their life easier".


"A very professional company and team who are licensed, insured, skilled and knowledgeable, a team who stands by their work! I can't over state the peace of mind that comes from working with such a trustful company who keep our interests in their priorities. Thank you Curtis and Team for your quality, detail, care and cleanliness!"


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